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The Winners! Neigh-Bours’ 2nd Glad Rags & Fancy Nags Online Dress Up Competition

The Winners! Neigh-Bours’ 2nd Glad Rags & Fancy Nags Online Dress Up Competition

This was almost an impossible job…..

Here’s how the judging worked:
Over the course of the day, each judge individually picked their top 4 contestants, based on a few criteria – including but not only – charm, creativity, effort, originality, cleverness, quality of costume, quality of photo and audience response.
Each judge’s 1st place contestant got 4 points, 2nd place contestant got 3 points, 3rd place got 2 points and 4th place got 1 point.
We then added these points up to get our final 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

🥇 In first place: Kingsley Matthews (13yrs) riding Mix’nMatch (19yrs). Since the age of 3 Kingsley wanted to be a “dragon rider” #finallymakingdreamscometrue 🤣
🥈 In second place, Jo Roberson, Levi and Gucci bringing Flintstone vibes! 🦖
🥉 In third place, Narnia themed Maddy as Susan and Degas as the Lion “Aslan”

Every single one of our entrants was absolutely stunning, making this such a hard one to pick the winners but we have 2 very special mentions: Keara du Plessis and Painted Liaison as horse detective chasing after criminal carrots missed being in the placings by ONE POINT! We all loved this photo!

Congrats again to the winners – please check your email for your congratulations emails and info on how to get your prizes 🙂

We hope you all had fun – we certainly did (even if picking these winners was harder than rising trot no stirrups!) … start planning for the next one, because we will definitely be doing this again 🙂

ICYMI, here are all the entries:



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