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Free FEATURED classifieds on Neigh-Bours til 22 June!

Free FEATURED classifieds on Neigh-Bours til 22 June!

We know 2020 has been hard for all of us – so clean out your tack boxes and turn your unwanted tack into cash!
And here’s a free gift to make your life even easier! 

All Neigh-Bours basic classifieds ads are free, and now all FEATURED classified ads are free, this whole week!

🔥 STEP 1: Log in to www.neigh-bours.co.za
(If you aren’t signed up yet, it’s free and takes about 10 seconds!)
🔥 STEP 2: Hover over or tap the “Classifieds” drop down arrow on the main menu and the “My Classifieds” menu item will drop down.
(You won’t see this if you’re not logged in!)
The “My Classifieds” link is also on your small top left menu if you’re logged in – just next to “Create Event”! 
🔥 STEP 3: Scroll down and click or tap “Create New Ad”
🔥 STEP 4: Fill in the form
Make sure you tick the “YES make this a Featured Classified for R100” checkbox at the bottom, and fill in the PROMO CODE NBC2020 to get a R100 discount!
🔥 STEP 5: Submit!

You’re all done – one of our admins will take a look and approve the ad asap.
Once it’s live, feel free to SHARE it on your fave social media platform.

Your featured ad gets posted on our Facebook page once a week for a month, getting it in front of 45 000+ SA horse lovers – plus it is on the top of our most popular page of our website: The Classifieds!


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