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Dancing with Horses (2006)

Dancing with Horses

For master trainer Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, work with horses is comparable to dancing. The primary obligation of riding, he explains, is to maintain the horse’s powerful and elegant movement under saddle. Improper training compromises the horse’s naturally joyful steps with confusing commands; a horse moves with extraordinary grace only if the request is effectively communicated. In this demonstration, Hempfling teaches us the language of horses. Advising that even the slightest movement conveys powerful information, Hempfling shows how to use body language to communicate. In this 50 minute DVD he demonstrates his methods on wild Pyrenees stallions that are, within minutes, transformed into tame, willing partners – nevertheless retaining all their spirit. As Hempfling insists, when the trainer uses language the horse can understand, the horse’s movement ‘will always be beautiful, from the first lesson on’.
Run time: 50 mins

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