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Tips for a horse that spooks
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Tue Feb 28 2017, 02:32PM
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I'd love some gentle, loving tips for a very intelligent horse that spooks. He only does it if he is the lead horse (which he needs to be), if he is following he is fearless. He also only spooks going past trees or bushes, never out in the open at any objects. He is not scared of much, but he anticipates something in the bushes, so I know his spooky spots, but he still catches me off guard sometimes. He doesn't bolt or anything, just a giant leap away, but whether you're expecting it or not, it's not a nice feeling or a relaxing ride

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Mon Apr 24 2017, 10:31AM
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Hi Deirdre
Yeah, its not a nice feeling... 1st question is why DOES your horse have to be in front? Do you lead riding yard outrides or something?
Get his eye sight checked by a vet, could be he doesnt have full vision or no peripheral vision. If his sight is great then...
Spend masses of time on the ground with your horse, lead him out for walks, take him grazing on a lead. You need to build up his trust in you so that he knows that you are his partner and looking out for him at all times. Practice working riding courses, walking over plastic, under sheets etc, it all builds up a confident horse. My horse will go where-ever I go on the ground, doesn't matter where.
When out riding and he spooks, stop and let him look, talk to him and reassure him. Then carry on as if nothing has happened. Remember horses are prey animals that in nature travel in herds.Instinct tells them to be aware of "lurkers" . Your horse, in a natural herd, would probably not be a leader but a follower, if he is turned out with other horses is he a dominant horse or the one that knows his place is in the middle of the herd?
Best of luck.
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