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Hey Hey It's already end May!!!!!!

Wow, my apologies, it’s been roughly three months since my last update. Although I am glad to say that this is because I have been extremely busy with "work", if I can call it that

I must say I am still loving my job as an Equine Dentist and wouldn't change it for anything, I cannot think of any better way to earn a living than helping to improve health and welfare of our four legged friends.

It seems that good news travels fast as my phone rings constantly with people who have been referred to me, so to my loyal clients I am immensely great full, as well as to Neigh-bours who has always neighed me on and Pixelmagic who keep my website in top shape.

Had an interesting time filing Peri, NickWeb's resident stallion, on Friday, ended up with me, the short gat I am, having to stand on my equipment box in order to reach the big guys mouth, I must say Sandy and my girlfriend fond this quite entertaining! haha at least he behaved himself.

I would like to remind you all that I am always available to answer any questions you may have pertaining to dentistry and to help where I can.

All the best

South African Equine Dental Practice
Andrew Portch
Certified Equine Dentist
*** 243 3466


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