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8th FEB

AH had a lekker relaxed weekend

Have gotten back into my riding which is going fantastic All my babies are coming on in leaps and bounds!!! and my Boy is slowly getting fit again, won't be long till I'm back in the area

Tomorrow I'm back to work I'm looking forward to Still think I have the best job, if I can even call it that, in the world!!!

I know you asked me to post some pics of my horses, but I stay in the Kumma_Zulus therefore the internet connection is pretty crap, I promise I'll put some up as soon as I have time to get to town with my laptop! alien

Anyway hope you're all well.

Andrew Portch
Certified Equine Dentist

Comments (0) | 2010. 02. 08. 18:25:20


Haha Its been a while

Been quite a busy boy so far:-) My dentistry is going fantastic as well as the bringing on of my young horse

I also have 3 more babies on the up now two colts and a filly, who have just started the backing and schooling process and so far its going great except for my filly, she is COOKED and has decided that this whole tack thing is a kak Idea, but we're getting there slowly and she gets better everyday

Had a great ride yesterday on my other boy Solo, hoping to get him fit and jumping again in the not too distant future

Just a reminder that if anyone has any queries about equine dentistry or needs a dentist please feel free to contact me on *** 243 3466.

All the Best and have a great week


Comments (3) | 2010. 02. 01. 17:19:03

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