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Damn I have been busy!! Things are going so well so far!!

Got my finger stuck between the gag and some teeth today, I now have a hole in my finger nail HAHAHA

Comments (2) | 2009. 09. 30. 20:04:03

22 September

Today was good.. Treated 8 horses today, took all the skin off one of my finger tips though which was rather painfull.

Can't wait for the weekend

Comments (2) | 2009. 09. 22. 23:26:50

Back in SA!!!!!!

Hey all,

I'm back in South Africa and I am open for business.

Please call ***-243-3466 with any queries you may have.

Kind Regards,


Comments (3) | 2009. 09. 21. 19:01:42

17 September 2009 RMS

Hmm, had a day standing out in the pissing rain giving talks about equine dentistry at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Guess it wasn't too bad and the horse I treated as a demo stood like an angel so that was good

Just got soaked to the skin and it was leopard-cold (ask if you dont understand the phrase, Ill fill you in )

Doing two more at the RMS again tomorrow, hope the weather is better!!

Hope you're all well,


Comments (8) | 2009. 09. 17. 10:17:36

2 Days and counting

Only two days left in Australia! Thank goodness for that, can't wait to be back home.

Had a day off today, long and boring thats what it was!!

Hope all of you are having a great day


Comments (0) | 2009. 09. 16. 10:03:44

15 September 2009

Today was great!! Went down to an area called Geelong and treated some polo horses, then on to a farm to treat some cattle horses and capped off the day with a miniture stallion.

Can't wait to get home now! Only three more days.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Portch.

Comments (10) | 2009. 09. 15. 18:13:31

Home Stretch

Treated a 4 horses today which was good

Now only 5 days till I'm home

Please everyone, now is the time to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in me treating your horses

All the best and hope you all have a great day.

Andrew Portch


Comments (4) | 2009. 09. 14. 10:27:19


I am officially a Certified Equine Dentist!:D

Comments (8) | 2009. 09. 12. 13:58:54


Did my final prac today and I think it went really well! Holding thumbs for results!!!

Comments (2) | 2009. 09. 10. 15:06:49

09 September 2009

Well today was exciting to say the least, A wild grey that a fellow student was treating nearly killed me, got dragged around a paddock by a shetland being treated by my other fellow student, and treated 5 horses in between it all.. 3 of which were unbroken, but they were angels

Doing my big final tomorrow, little nervious but excited at the same time!!

Glad that more people have shown an interest in me!! Things are looking really good!!! All I want now is to be home and treat all your beautifull horses!!!

Comments (3) | 2009. 09. 09. 12:18:00


I had an amazing day, treated a couple of horses this morning and then found out that there is people out there who will go out of their way to help others, even if, in their eyes all they are doing is helping the horse, it is still appreciated.
And at the end of the day the horse is what is important, do whats best for him or her, they always do their best for you!:D

Comments (6) | 2009. 09. 08. 11:13:37


Hey everyone,

I am surprised and slightly concerned at the fact the I have not received a single question pertaining to equine dentistry.

Please I encourage you to contact me with ANY questions you may have, even if you feel that they are futile and unimportant, for small things such as dropping or spilling feed, washing mouth out in water bucket, pulling on the bit when riding, biting the bit, behavioural issues, head tossing and many more small symptoms may indicate dental issues.

Andrew Portch


Comments (0) | 2009. 09. 01. 09:25:15

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