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Would you like YOUR Facebook Page highlighted as one of our Featured Facebook Pages?

Be featured on Facebook
Every month, we pick one or more Equine related Facebook page to be featured on our front page and in our news bulletins. If you'd like to grow your page's fans by being featured, here's what you do: 

  • Step 1: email info@neigh-bours.co.za with a link to your page by the 25th of the month (your page will be featured the following month if past that deadline) and give your Neigh-Bours website username as a reference
    Your page needs a minimum of 35 fans to qualify! 

  • Step 2: we'll "like" your page and contact you to let you know

  • Step 3:
    1. Post a message to your Facebook fans on your wall telling them about http://www.neigh-bours.co.za
    2. Paste a link to us on your wall
    3. Add the Neigh-Bours Facebook page as your pages' featured favourite (*see how to below)

Don't forget to tell your members it's free, and give them the link to sign up: http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/signup.php

Make sure you're a signed up Neigh-Bours site member and have liked our Facebook page too!


Hi everybody, we've discovered a fantastic South African horsey website called Neigh-Bours. It's completely free for you to sign up and become a member, and they're going to feature us as one of their facebook groups next month!
Find them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/neighbourscoza

Just click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/signup.php to sign up now - it's free and takes less than a minute!

As soon as we get that message, you'll be eligible for inclusion, if there's a link to us on your page wall and we're added as a featured page favourite!

** Do you know how to add Neigh-Bours as your page's favourite?

Step 1: Click http://www.facebook.com/neighbourscoza
Step 2: Click the menu dropdown on the right: Facebook Gear Menu and select "Like as my page"
Step 3: Select your page from the drop down and click "save"


Step 1: Go to your Facebook page and open your Admin Panel on the top, and click "Edit Page" and then "edit Settings"
Step 2: Click the "More..." link and then click "Featured" in the dropdown.
Step 3: Click the "Add Featured Likes" button and select Neigh-Bours and save

made by ::pixelmagic:: and michaelbain