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March 29, 2012

April 2012 Neighs

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Hello Neigh-Bours! Happy Easter Bunnies!

Equestrian Social Media Awards 2012 FinalistWE WON AN ESMA!!!! A huge thank you to everyone who voted for Neigh-Bours in the 2012 Equestrian Social Media Awards. Neigh-Bours walked away with top honours for the Best Use of Social Media in the Central and Southern Africa category, which made us very proud considering some of the contenders we were up against.

Winning the award has been the just reward for our awesome site. We were always proud of it and now even moreso and its only as good as its members, so thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support!

Neigh-Bours is only going to get bigger and better and we KNOW you're going to LOVE the suprises coming up. Keep your eyes on the site, and our Facebook page for exciting updates!

Loot.co.za sponsored a copy of the DVD Second Chances in March. Well done to Juanita Roussouw (wawwie) who wrote us some fantastic reviews in our media library and won the DVD. Congrats Juanita, we hope you enjoy your movie! 
This month Loot.co.za is kindly sponsoring us the hilarious "Women are from Venus, and so are their Horses" by Menno Kalman (this book is a personal favourite of the Neigh-Bours team!)
Click here to see how to enter to win April's Book Giveaway with Neigh-Bours and http://www.loot.co.za!
Don't forget to register on Loot.co.za (it's free to register) to be eligible for these prizes!

We have a whole LOAD of new and really cool products in our Neigh-Bours shop! We listened to what you asked for, so go and have a look and get buying! There is something for everyone!

There are over 5500 horse-lovers logging into Neigh-Bours on a daily basis.  The site is for anyone who has ever ridden a horse, touched a horse, looked at a horse or dreamt about a horse and our community if growing daily with an average of 15 people chatting at any time of the day in our online chat, so boredom at the office is no longer an excuse! We get such wonderful feedback from our users all the time, about how CONVENIENT our site is, so we wonder where all the riders and horse-owners who don't know where we are are getting their information? Be sure to let your horsey-friends know about us so they can also share in the fun!

We have over R4800.00 in our Helping Hooves kitty, and its growing rapidly. Please make your contribution if you have not done it yet? This inititiative is designed to help all our Neigh-Bours as well as horse charities country-wide, so it is for a great cause!
(Contributions are R10 a month or R120 a year! You can 'purchase' a donation in our online shop.)

Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?141 to find out more about this fantastic initiative.
We could all use a little help from our friends every now and then.


After nearly 3 years, Neigh-Bours is proud to be able to continue to bring you the website for free. We would not be able to do this without our advertisers who use our site as a platform to reach as many horse people as possible. Please be sure to show your support for them by clicking on their banners and learning about what they offer. The click costs you nothing.



30 mini bulk bags of shavings valued at R1300, sponsored by Equibed, was won by Jean-Marie de Villiers (Little Amigo) who has kindly volunteered to donate half of her winnings to charity. Well done Jean-Marie (We wonder if bedding our horses down on rice would actually save us money!)
Click here to see her entry



Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?41 to find out how to win!


Calling all amateur photographers! Neigh-Bours and Red Dapple are looking for a great photo of a Neigh-Bours Classic Numnah to be used in our new marketing material - if your photo is picked, it will grace our new banners and posters, as well as winning you a numnah!
Click here to find out how to enter


WIN a box of Horse-Dervs horse treats every month! Participate on our online challenges and you could be treating your special equine this month!
Congrats to Mary Sadler who won some Horse-Dervs for her favourite horse! We know they'll be nommed in a flash!
Click here to see when the next competition is.

a personalised Neigh-Bours key-ring sponsored by Charisma Photography, by posting your photographs on our Facebook Page. If your photograph is chosen to be our Pic of the Month, Charisma Photography will put your picture on a Neigh-Bours key-ring for you to make sure you never lose your keys again!

Well done Aisling
, your gorgeous picture was chosen for our front page and is the new cover photo on our Facebook Page too!
Charisma Photography will be in touch with you soon to arrange your prize.

WIN a Neigh-Bours cap with Pretty Awesome every month. Make sure you keep your eyes on your events calendar so you know when these challenges will be held, and hustle your hooves into the online chatroom!
Congrats to Elize Beket for winning the cap in March!
Click here to see when the next competition is.

WIN a Neigh-Bours saddle cover/bridle bag/grooming bag with Red Dapple every month. These challenges also take place monthly in the online chatroom and you will be notified on Facebook and the events calendar.
Congrats to Brad Grannum who wins March's challenge with
Elana from Red Dapple.

WIN a fun Neigh-Bours slogan T with Fancy That every month. You need a Neigh-Bours keyring to enter this one, so best hurry your hooves over to the Neigh-Bours online shop and get one! (Or win one by entering the Pic of the Month competition!)
Congrats to Kyly Munro (kylz) for winning ANOTHER slogan tee. Is Kyly the only Neigh-Bour with a Neigh-Bours keyring?
Click here to see when the next competition is.

Remember that owning Neigh-Bours stuff gives you entries into lots of our competitions; as well as discounts and freebies at many local events, so get entering!

If you are not FEATURING your events on Neigh-Bours, you're snoozing. You know that if you snooze you lose right? It is PROVEN that events featured on Neigh-Bours are better advertised than anywhere else! It is PROVEN that featured event on Neigh-bours are better populated than ANY other events! So why are you snoozing again?

Our featured events from March did exceedly well and the Canterbrooke Human Rights Day Training Show was very well attended. The feedback has been supberb. Well done Canterbrooke. We are even more chuffed that the 90cm class was won by a Neigh-Bour! Well done Soney and Fury.


Sunday 01 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: The Neigh-Bours Outride (Jhb N)

FEATURED EVENT: Adult Pony Camp (Jhb N)

THE RIDE II - The Mongol Derby: Race Across the Steppe (TV)

Tuesday 03 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: WIN Horse Dervs horse treats in the Horse Dervs Caption Challenge - April (online)

Friday 06 Apr 2012 - Monday 09 April
FEATURED EVENT: Neigh-Bours at the NISSAN Easter Fest at KEP (Jhb N)

Sunday 08 April 2012
THE RIDE II - The Mongol Derby: Race Across the Steppe (TV)

Monday 09 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: The Coastal Horse Care Unit and Animal Lodge presents HORSE & HOUND EXTRAVAGANZA 2012 (KZN)

Friday 13 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: Mounted Archery Course at Griffin’s Mounted Archery Training Centre (WC)

Saturday 14 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: Dunblane Pony Rider Graded Showjumping Show (Jhb E)

Sunday 15 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: Dunblane Easter Training Show (Jhb E)

FEATURED EVENT: The Highveld Horse Care Unit Fundraising Premier of The Cup (Jhb N)

THE RIDE II - The Mongol Derby: Race Across the Steppe (TV)

Monday 16 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: PRO SERIES - Live online chat with an Open Eventer (online)

Wednesday 18 Apr 2012
FEATURED EVENT: WIN a Neigh-Bours slogan T in the Fancy That! Chat Challenge - April (online)

Sunday 22 Apr 2012
Ashburton Pony Club Training Show (KZN) **FREEBIES FOR NEIGH-BOURS AT THIS SHOW **

THE RIDE II - The Mongol Derby: Race Across the Steppe (TV)

Sunday 29 Apr 2012

THE RIDE II - The Mongol Derby: Race Across the Steppe (TV)

Saturday 05 May 2012
FEATURED EVENT: 7th Annual Bergtrails Adventure Trail (KZN) ** FREEBIES FOR NEIGH-BOURS AT THIS EVENT **

Don't see your event here? That's because its not featured or you are not offering Neigh-Bours members specials! For a MINIMAL sum, you can ensure that YOUR event gets the BEST possible marketing money can buy. Ensure the success of your events, click here TODAY to find out how.

We are now also offering space in the newsletter to ANY events, free or featured, that offer discounts or giveaways to Neigh-Bours wearing branded Neigh-Bours clothing.
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?24 to see how to list YOUR event!

All other event listings and our daily TV listings can still be found on our events calendar.
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/agenda/agenda.php?view.3 for details.


Red Dapple Designs - Featured product
Red Dapple Designs - Unique and customised equestrian attire that suits your and your horse’s individual needs!
Red Dapple is an official Neigh-Bours supplier, and makes our entire "Classic" range of numnahs, daysheets, bridle bags and saddle covers - they are available with personalised embroiidery in the Neigh-Bours Online Shop, and the Neigh-Bours numnahs are registered with GHS.

Click here to find out more!

Feature YOUR product on Neigh-Bours and be advertised to thousands of horse people all over the country!
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?59 to find out how to get your product featured.

Tossy Raynor - Show-Jumping Instructor – Featured service
Tossy Raynor - FEI Level 2 Showjumping Instructor

Click here to read her Neigh-Bours interview.

Feature YOUR service on Neigh-Bours and be advertised to thousands of horse people all over the country!
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?60 to find out how to get your service featured.

Canterbury Equestrian Centre - Featured yard
Escape to our Professional, friendly environment - No cars or traffic - just Horses, wildlife and peace.

Click here to read more.

Feature YOUR yard on Neigh-Bours and be advertised to thousands of horse people all over the country!
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?50 to find out how to get your yard featured.

Feature your STUD facility!

Feature YOUR stud on Neigh-Bours and be advertised to thousands of horse people all over the country!
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?54 to find out how to get your stud featured.

Wild Coast Horse Riding Adventures - Featured Trail
The most glorious horseback beach riding holiday in the world!

Click here to read more.

Feature YOUR trails on Neigh-Bours and be advertised to thousands of horse people all over the country!

Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?56 to see how.


Woman are from Venus and so are their Horses (Menno Kalmann) (fiction) **FOR R140.00 ON LOOT.CO.ZA**
A Grown Man's Musings on the Opposite Sex in the Saddle
With an insider’s view of the woeful plight of the male connected to a devoted horsewoman, this wryly humorous confessional tells it like it is.

Click here to read more about it

Click here to buy it.

Click here to win it!

Endurance Riding (Cornelia Koller)
**UNDER R90 ON LOOT.CO.ZA**(non-fiction)
A comprehensive and easy-to-follow introduction into this fascinating sport. Going the distance--endurance riding is not just a sport. It is an almost addictive experience, where the fastest do not always come first. This practical guide contains a wealth of basic knowledge for all beginners wanting to know more about this fascinating sport.

Click here to read more

Click here to buy it!

King of the Wind (Movie) ***UNDER R80.00 NOW ON LOOT.CO.ZA**
Based on the Newbery Medal-winning novel by Marguerite Henry, King of the Wind is a magical story of friendship and adventure starring a delightful cast of Richard Harris, Jenny Agutter and Nigel Hawthorne.

An Arabian colt named Sham - born with both the mark of good and evil - becomes the companion of Agba, a young, mute boy. Sent away to France as a gift, Agba refuses to leave the horse's side and together the two begin a remarkable journey. Despite setbacks along the way, Agba pushes on, keeping his promise to provide the best care for his friend. As Sham grows, his speed and agility improve, and he becomes not only one of the best friends a boy could have, but also a skilled thoroughbred.

Click here to read more

Click here to buy it!

Enjoying Riding - Perfecting Your Seat With Tina Sederholm
Tina Sederholm is a clear and enthusiastic teacher, using visual imagery and plain English to effectively get her points across on this DVD. The exercises she uses are designed to unlock the door to greater balance, symmetry and harmony in the rider, thereby benefiting the horse, and are suitable for riders of all disciplines.

Click here to read more

Click here to buy it!


Our ONLINE CHAT room has become a really popular hangout for all horse people stuck in an office during the day (and oftentimes in the evening too!) As well as just being cool to talk horses ALL day, you can also win awesome prizes in it nearly EVERY week! 
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?51 to get chatting now or just to test it out - you MUST be logged into the site FIRST in order to access this page!

Our Facebook page is almost as much fun as our website, but only almost We update you on all the latest forums postings and discussions and much more! We will even feature YOUR Facebook page for all our members to see!

Please remember (and tell your friends) that liking our Facebook page does NOT make you a member of Neigh-Bours. If you like the page, you SHOULD be on the website! So be sure to tell your slightly slower friends how to sign up on the Neigh-Bours website!

Here are our featured Facebook Neigh-Bours for the month: Equine Veterinary Dentistry, Equestrian Art by Cat Loubser, Chevalete, Highveld Horsecare Unit, Farnham Riding School, Equine Services SA, Greenacres Riding School and Dee's Saddlery - click the links to check them out!

Do you want YOUR Facebook page featured? It's FREE, but please remember we only have space for ten. So don't get caught running at the back of the herd! Jump quickly and send us your Facebook Page link! Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/page.php?62 to see how.


So considering we won the award, we thought we'd share our acceptance speech with you. This was broadcast internationally in a cermony celebrating all the winners of the ESMA awards in 2012.
Click http://www.neigh-bours.co.za/news.php#vid to watch!

Wishing you all an awesome April!

Dayle & Meryl

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